Cartridge Converter for NES
Cartridge Converter for NES and Famicom cartridges
Cartridge Converter inside NES
Cartridge Converter for NES package front
Cartridge Converter for NES package back

Cartridge Converter

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Play most of your favorite Famicom™ games on your original NES® system. Specially designed so that the game label is fully visible when in the machine. Also features an ergonomic grip so that removing the cartridge is easy.


  • Allows Famicom™ games to be played on the North American NES®.
  • Allows for cartridge label to face forward.
  • Features an ergonomic grip – no pull ribbon needed!
  • Works with both generations on the NES® – top loading and toaster-style systems.
  • Compatible most Famicom games.


Cartridge Converter
User Guide

User Guide

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