Atari GameStation Pro Firmware v.1.20

Release Notes
Version 1.20


  • Make sure your console is connected to a 5V, 2A USB-A port.
  • Check the picture settings on your television and turn on or select Game mode.


  • PC or laptop with Windows 10 or higher (Note: updates can only be done on a Windows PC, Mac not supported).
  • USB-C cable with data support (Note: included cable is power only and does not have data support).
  • Paper clip or pin.


Step 1: Download the firmware update package from this link: Firmware v.1.20

Note: You will need programs such as WinZip or 7-Zip to extract Zip file.

Step 2: Install the driver

Step 3: Run the firmware updater

Step 4: Update the firmware

For step by step instructions for updating your firmware, here is a link to a PDF that contains the step by step instructions for updating your firmware: Instructions on how to upgrade firmware