CES 2019, Day 4

Your eyes do not deceive you

Yes, that is a Super Famicom cartridge being played on an SNES console! Made possible by our Super Cartridge Converter.

Day 4 - Still Poppin’!

Another eager BUBBLE BOBBLE™ fan getting a hands-on experience with our newly announced BUBBLE BOBBLE™ Micro Player™.

Play Ball!

A couple of buddies having a little friendly competition on the Retro Champ™. The Super GamePads are a must for co-op play!

Bad Dudette

We’ve built an arcade room at our booth for everyone to enjoy after checking our awesome products. This dudette was bad enough to accept the challenge!

What’s up, Bub?

This lucky man just won a BUBBLE BOBBLE™ poster! It was only right to snap a picture of him with Bub!