CES 2019, Day 3

PC Mag names My Arcade's Retro Champ™ "Best Gaming Gear"

We feel so honored that our Retro Champ™ is part of PC Mag's "Best of CES 2019". Read more here 

Up close with the Retro Champ™

Here is a better look at the newly awarded Retro Champ™. It's a console that plays both NES and Famicom cartridges and can be either portable or hookup to your TV via HDMI.

Ms.PAC-MAN™ fever

Everyone has been asking and we can finally say... Ms.PAC-MAN™ is here! This fan fav will be available in April.

They like us, they really like us

Fans taking our Micro Players™ for a spin!


We have our ROLLING THUNDER™ Micro Player™ on display but also have a vintage machine in our arcade experience area. It's from 1986 and even has old school token slots to keep your place in line.

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